Month: February 2018

10 Signs of Hair Loss You Need to Know About

February 04, 2018

Are you experiencing signs of hair loss? Alopecia, commonly known as “balding” or “hair loss” is a condition that affects millions of men and women worldwide. According to the Canadian Hair Loss Foundation, female pattern balding will affect 50% of women during their lifetime. The same condition in males will affect 30% by age 30 […]

All About Eyelash Extensions & Treatments | Comparing Your Options

February 02, 2018

Though their original purpose is to protect the eyes from wind and dirt particles, most of us consider our eyelashes in a slightly different light. In most cases, lush eyelashes — especially eyelash extensions — help us feel flirty, healthy, youthful, and beautiful. When they start to thin, we naturally start looking for solutions. You’ve […]