You work hard, you work out and you eat right, but you’re still going to age and sometimes all you need is a little rejuvenation to help you age with grace and boost your self confidence. First impressions count, and whether you’re moving up your career ladder or meeting a date for the first time, you want people to see someone who radiates confidence from the inside out. Ageless Living is there for when you need something a little extra to be Your Best Self at Any Age.




Within our small, private clinic we use the latest technology to offer science-based medical treatments in line with the 21st century. This can mean lasers that reduce chronic back pain or light therapy that kills acne-causing bacteria. It can be anything from non-surgical mole removal, injections to treat spider and varicose veins, or BOTOX® to help those who suffer from chronic migraines. We do more than just treatments–offering professional lactation advice and consultations and Civil Aviation Medical Exams in Cold Lake.



For Men

The overwhelming majority of our treatments are unisex, but our gentlemen patients of any age can benefit from specialized treatments to permanently reduce unwanted hair and prevent the natural decline in your appearance that happens with the aging process.


You’re Always a VIP at Ageless Living

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Is This A Mole or...

We use advanced imaging technology called dermoscopy, to see into moles, lesions and blemishes on your skin. This gives us the ability to identify melanomas or other malignancies, as well as non-malignant lesions that require a closer assessment to accurately identify and treat appropriately.

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What Patients Say

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  • I suffer from cystic acne and I’ve never felt more comfortable in my life with anyone before Dr. Dekker, he was very kind considerate and helpful. He was non judgmental and seemed to genuinely want to help me. I’ve had other Dr’s who have been rude about my situation before and could not offer me any real help. I am now on my way to a happier place than I’ve ever been before and look forward to when this nightmare is finally over.

    Tonia Lalonde
  • Dr. Dekker gave me more answers in 20 minutes than I have received from MANY doctors in the 20 years I’ve suffered. He was honest and took the time to explain the diagnosis, treatments and answer my questions.

    Dana Jawa
  • I see Charlene and she is awesome!  Having done Chemical peels, photo Facials, body contouring and products advise Charlene is my girl. Charlene answers every single one of my questions with honesty and great detail.  Service is great.  I cannot wait to go back and try out other services! I highly recommend.

    Tamara Urlacher
  • After the consultation and information provided I decided to go ahead with the Botox injections. I was a little apprehensive but Dr. Dekker and his nurse Megan reassured me that everything was going to be ok… Step by step they let me know what they were doing which put my mind at ease. I was totally pleased with the results and have been going back since… I have recommended Ageless Living to my close friends and family and would encourage anyone who is considering Botox or filler to book a consultation with them.

    Bobbi Hansen
  • With Charlene’s help, my children and I have moved away from harmful prescriptions and products, and instead use microdermabrasion, blue light, chemical peels, and Dermafrac. These methods have proved much more effective in managing my children’s and my symptoms. Charlene has a gentle approach, a professional countenance, and creates a comfortable, peaceful and relaxing atmosphere. My children and I have had only positive outcomes with any treatment Charlene has provided. I highly recommend her services. 

    Chiara Hamel
  • I’ve been getting work done at Ageless Living for years now. I find the staff to be professional and friendly along with a wide variety of products. This makes for an enjoyable visit every time. I would highly recommend Ageless Living to anyone considering to have work done.

    Mike Sheppard
  • The staff at Ageless Living Cold Lake are always very professional and take a real interest in their patient’s concerns. We are exceptionally fortunate to have skilled professionals in Cold Lake who offer these treatments and services.

    Boyd Mostowy

Live Your Best Life

Life can be a roller coaster–so they say–and that can do a number on our bodies. That’s why we always end our treatment plans with a refreshing bottle of water to encourage healthy living and healthy skin.