Frequently Asked Questions

Consultations are always free, and many treatments can be covered by health insurance plans. Your health insurance provider will be able to tell you which treatments they can cover. We do not bill directly to third party insurance companies, but often times treatments can be submitted and covered under your health spending account. Medical treatments and appointments with Dr. Dekker are billed to Alberta Health Services.

We always ensure that our patients understand the full range of treatment options available and their prices (if any).

Dr. Dekker is a general practitioner with special interest in skin diseases and aesthetic medicine, as per the College of Physicians & Surgeons of Alberta (CPSA). Megan, Ageless Living’s nurse, is licensed with the College of Licensed Practical Nurses of Alberta (CLPNA). The other staff of Ageless Living are highly trained in their areas of practise and work closely with Dr. Dekker.


Our other locations in British Columbia may offer the treatments you want. Check their website for information. If none of our locations offer the treatments you want please let us know via email.

At least 24 hours notice is required for cancellations. If 24 hours notice is not received a “no-show” fee may be payable by the patient.

Anywhere between fifteen minutes and one hour, depending on the condition and area that is being treated.

Again, this is quite variable, and even people with the same conditions might need different numbers of treatments. The number of treatments can be anywhere between 3 and 25, although the average is under 10.

Research studies have shown many different types of laser therapy to be safe. There are no known side effect when used appropriately by a trained treatment provider.

Laser therapy shouldn’t be used on cancerous tumours, lesions or over the wombs of women in their first trimester of pregnancy. As medical professionals, Ageless Living’s professionals will let you know if there are any marks on your skin in the treatment area that might be of concern.

Minutes! A few injections is all it takes.

A single treatment is enough to significantly improve an area for 3 to 4 months. After it wears off another treatment will be performed, again lasting approximately 4 months.

Not if it’s done correctly. A good BOTOX® application will avoid injecting too much of the active protein into muscles steering clear of the temporary but often undesired effects of being unable to perform facial expressions in the treated area. We have done our jobs if your fine lines have decreased while maintaining your natural appearance.

Some BOTOX® patients experience a little bruising or redness around the injection site after the treatment, which should last only a couple of hours but can sometimes last up to a few weeks—depending on the individual—although, this is rare. Some patients have experienced headaches within the first 24 hours, and these should also fade quickly.

Often, the main problems with BOTOX® treatments come from using too much BOTOX®, which is something we avoid with our treatment approach and belief that more often than not, “less is more.” This won’t be a problem with the experienced, professional staff at Ageless Living. Negative effects are also common when before and aftercare instructions are not followed by a patient. We avoid this by reviewing these instructions, each and every visit and even providing these for you to take home.

Typically, within 4 to 7 days, but it can potentially be up to 2 weeks before the full results are apparent. We take pictures using our specialized Reveal camera system prior to each treatment, and then again 2 weeks later at your follow-up visit. These pictures can be reviewed by you at any time, so you can see just how well the treatment worked for you.

Generally, results last 4 months, but often with the first few treatments it could be a little less. Once we find the perfect dosing for you, without jumping the gun and using too much, we will get your treatments lasting 4 months and have you aging gracefully. Again, we truly believe that less is more when achieving natural results.

Some people are hypersensitive to BOTOX® itself, but reactions are very rare. Other contraindications include infections, inflamed skin, atrophy and other skin conditions at the injection site.  BOTOX® is not suitable for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding or for people with certain neurological diseases such as muscular sclerosis.

Different conditions will need a different number of treatments. Skin rejuvenation typically requires 4 to 6 treatments, acne scarring may need over 6 treatments, and improving pigmentation could take upwards of a dozen treatments.

After a few treatments you should be able to see a marked improvement in the health and texture of your skin or a reduction in acne scars. Your skin should continue to improve for 6 to 12 months after you finish a course of treatments.

No, there isn’t any need for anesthesia or other forms of pain management during DermaFrac treatments.

Typically, three thirty-minute treatments 4 to 6 weeks apart will provide the best results for skin resurfacing, including the reduction of scars, pigment, redness, fine lines and skin laxity. Our consultants will work out how many treatments are appropriate based upon your goals and how your skin responds.

Multiple treatments are needed for the kind of dramatic results that Fractora is capable of, but you should be able to see noticable results 4 to 6 weeks after a treatment.

Generally no sooner than a week, although we carry and sell makeup that is designed specifically for after such treatments and may be applied the next day. This make-up can be applied the next day as it actually improves oxygenation of tissue and skin healing, opposed to traditional makeup that sits inside pores, inhibiting the natural healing process. You might experience some tightness, redness and swelling, so be sure to make Ageless Living’s consultants aware of your skincare regimen so they can recommend the best products to maximize the effectiveness of the treatments

IPL stands for Intense Pulsed Light. During IPL treatments a handheld device flashes a broad spectrum of intense light at an area of the body. The light heats specific chemicals in the body, such as the melanin in hair, until it is eliminated, while leaving skin cells intact.

Although pain is experienced differently by everyone, generally it feels like a warm pinprick or pinch for each pulse of light. Nothing more than applying ice to the skin before a treatment should be necessary to reduce discomfort.

Side effects of IPL are usually very brief. There may be some redness that persists for a day, or perhaps as long as a week for particularly sensitive skin. Rare side effects include burns, blistering, scarring and hypo or hyper-pigmentation.

You may only need a single treatment, but your Ageless Living consultant will be able to tell you how many are recommended for your specific skin condition.

Typically, thirty to forty-five minutes.

Avoid sun exposure as much as you can for the next two weeks, and for the next week use a minimum of SPF 30 sunscreen if you are going outside in direct sunlight. Avoid anything that may cause heavy sweating, such as vigorous workouts or saunas. You should also avoid picking at or scratching any dry skin and use antibiotic ointments if skin becomes broken or blistered.

Although you can treat many areas of the body with BodyFX, it is recommended to treat small areas similar to the surface area of your two hands side-by-side. It is necessary to heat the skin to a certain temperature to achieve optimal results, and this cannot be done over a large area in a typical session. You can always have more than one area treated, this just takes a little longer.

This can vary between three to twelve, and depends highly on what your goals are and how your body responds.

During the treatment, superficial fat cells within your body are destroyed and fatty acids are absorbed and processed by your liver. There’s no serious danger in this for most people- your liver is able to process much larger quantities of fatty acids. However, you should avoid putting excess strain on your liver by avoiding alcohol, caffeine and fatty foods. You can help your liver process the fatty acids by drinking plenty of water and eating fruits and vegetables. Also, avoiding excessive heat and exercise for 72 hours after treatments is recommended.

No, although, most methods of hair reduction reduce the ability of hair to grow, often to the point that it’s essentially invisible and you can stop shaving the area.

Yes. However, some areas may not be suitable if you have skin conditions or damage, any area of healthy skin can have hair reduction treatments performed.

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