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Did you know that one in three cancers diagnosed is skin cancer? Rates of melanoma (the most dangerous form of skin cancer) are especially on the rise.

This can be scary, but a little prevention can go a long way toward avoiding issues. Assessing how much sun exposure you get and avoiding burns are two things to keep in mind.

With Sun Awareness Week having recently passed, and the start of summer just on the horizon now is the perfect time to hone in on your skin care and sun protection routine. If you are ready to learn ten ways to protect your skin while enjoying the warm sunshine, keep on reading!

1. Sunscreen is Key

You probably take sunscreen with you when heading to the beach right? Well, it’s important to wear broad-spectrum sunscreen more than just when you are enjoying salt water and sand.

Ideally, you should wear sunscreen each and every day, even in the winter, and especially on your face. You may have realized the hard way, that you can get a bad burn even when it’s cloudy.

2. Avoid Spraying Your Sunscreen

We know, spraying on your sunscreen is a much more convenient application method. Especially if you don’t have a trusted friend or partner to get your mid back.

But you can’t just spray and go jump in the ocean. Most people don’t realize it, but you must rub in the sunscreen after you spray it. Otherwise, you will have patchy coverage.

If you do want to stick to spray formulas, use in a ventilated area. Hold the can a few inches away from your body and spray one section at a time. For example, spray your arm and rub in. Then move to your legs.

If possible, stick to regular formulas. They typically are easier to ensure proper, full coverage.

3. Protect Your Skin with Clothing

Nobody wants to be sweating under clothing layers at the beach, but keeping covered with a sarong or thing long sleeve is a great way to limit your sun exposure. This is also helpful if you have a healing burn, but want to be outside.

You don’t have to look frumpy by covering up. Pieces now exist that come with high UPFs (ultraviolet protective factor). You can shop around for different coloured pieces in fun patterns. These types of pieces are also good as rash guards if you plan to do any surfing or paddle boarding.

Plan to bring a hat with a brim that is at least three or four inches wide. This will protect your scalp and ears. This is especially useful if you have thin hair.

4. Shade Those Eyes

There is a reason it hurts to look at the sun with your bare eyes. They are just as sensitive to UV rays as your skin. Shop for frames that are large enough to cover your eyes and the skin around them.

Be sure they state that they are equipped with UV filters and polarized lenses. Shy away from reflective or mirrored lenses and metal frames. These elements can actually reflect sunlight directly on your cheeks.

This is why many people who wear these types of sunglasses get sun or age spots, which are one of the most common skin problems. Go with plastic whenever possible.

5. Never Skip Moisturizer

It’s warm in the summer so your skin might be more oily than usual. This doesn’t mean you should avoid using a daily moisturizer. It’s a good idea to switch to a more lightweight option that has an SPF.

Moisturizers with sun protection will keep your skin plump and protected from harmful rays. And incorporating it into your daily routine means you will never forget it!

6. Watch the Clock

Sometimes the sun is so hot, just wearing sunscreen or clothing is not enough. To be extra protected, avoid time in the sun between 10 am and 2 pm. This is when the sun is the strongest.

If you will be out during this time, do your best to be covered or in a shaded location. This could be under a beach umbrella, a roofed porch, or under some trees!

7. Don’t Forget Your Lips

Our lips can take a beating in the sun. Always use a lip balm that has an SPF in it. This will prevent burns and painful cracking.

8. Sun Sensors

If you are really curious how much UV is coming from the sun, you could invest in sun sensors. These patches or devices can give you feedback on just how damaging the sun is whenever you are outside.

Many attach to your bag or even fingernail and will provide you with data on how long you spend outside and how much UV radiation you’ve experienced.

You can add your personal information about your skin type so it can better recommend products for you.

9. Soothe any Burns with Aloe Vera

Sometimes it just isn’t possible to avoid sunburns. Life happens. If you do find yourself with a mild burn, it is important to help it heal quickly.

Stay hydrated while healing a burn, take cool baths, and wear loose clothing. Be sure to have aloe vera on hand too. This can instantly relieve a painful burn and help it cool down and stay moisturized.

10. Use Self Tanner

One of the biggest struggles people report when told to protect their skin from the sun is the desire to be tanned, especially in the summer.

This is where self-tanners or spray tans come in. It’s okay to want a golden glow, but choosing these tanners is the safer way to achieve that look. By avoiding the sun’s UV rays, your skin will not age as fast, nor will you increase your cancer risks.

Doing it yourself means you can get a tan right away and you can decide upon the exact colour.

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Be Kind to Your Skin

We hope these tips will help you protect your skin during Sun Awareness Week and into the future. Whether you live on the beach or just spend a lot of time outside, it is important to know how to keep your skin healthy.

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