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Eczema in the Spotlight: Embracing Eczema Awareness Month with Dr. Dekker’s Healthcare Covered Consultations 🌟

Eczema, a common yet often misunderstood skin condition, affects millions of Canadians every day. Imagine starting each day with itchy, irritated skin that no cream or lotion can seem to calm. Thankfully, there’s a special month called Eczema Awareness Month that puts the spotlight on this condition, offering much-needed support and information to those affected.…

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October is All About Psoriasis: Let’s Uncover the Facts and the Fixes!

October is turning the spotlight on Psoriasis! With October 29th being National Psoriasis Awareness Day, we’re dedicating this month to better understanding and tackling this often misunderstood skin condition. Time to replace itchiness and discomfort with comfort and confidence. 🌟 1. The Power of Personalized Treatment Plans with Dr. Dekker 🌟 First off, meet Dr.…

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Unleash the Power of a Back Facial for Clear, Smooth Skin

Do you dream of having flawless, smooth skin? Imagine saying goodbye to those bothersome back blemishes and embracing a complexion that radiates confidence. Your dream can become a reality with the incredible transformation a back facial can bring. In this article, we’ll unveil the secrets behind this specialized treatment, designed to target acne, pesky clogged…

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TCA Cross Treatments

What is TCA?  TCA is an abbreviation for trichloroacetic acid, which is the chemical acid used for certain types of chemical peels as well as TCA Cross treatments.  “Cross” is an acronym for a method of chemical reconstruction of skin scars, using a strong trichloroacetic acid placed directly into atrophic scars.  TCA Cross is primarily…

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Fall Skincare Tips: 5 Best Treatments to Fight Photoaging

Summer was good to us —we’re sad to see it go! Summer isn’t, however, always good for our skin. Not to worry, we’re here to help. In this blog, we talk about the best ways to treat and reverse sun-damaged skin. What is Photoaging? Photoaging, also known as sun damage, is caused by too much…

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Top 6 Summer Skincare Tips

Summer is in full force—and it’s hot out. With warmer days and stronger rays it’s more important than ever to get—and stay—on top of your skincare routine. We’re sharing 6 summer skincare tips and offer options to freshen up, protect, and add a little glow to your face. Beautiful skin is an all-season commitment.  1.…

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