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Are Eyelash Extensions the Right Choice for You? Explore Your Options for Full, Thick, Luxurious Lashes

Luscious eyelashes can make you feel feminine, flirty, and fun. They accentuate and frame your eyes, making your eyes stand out, and accentuating your natural beauty. For many of us, seeking the confidence-boost of thick, long, dark eyelashes makes us turn to eyelash extensions.  Unfortunately, eyelash extensions can have some medical, financial, and maintenance drawbacks.…

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All About Eyelash Extensions & Treatments | Comparing Your Options

Though their original purpose is to protect the eyes from wind and dirt particles, most of us consider our eyelashes in a slightly different light. In most cases, lush eyelashes — especially eyelash extensions — help us feel flirty, healthy, youthful, and beautiful. When they start to thin, we naturally start looking for solutions. You’ve…

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