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Hair Loss Restoration

6 Things to Know About Hair Loss Restoration

Have you noticed your hair thinning as you age?

Or perhaps your hairbrush seems to collect more hair than it used to?

Experiencing hair loss can be stressful. So stressful in fact that the stress from losing your hair can lead to even more hair loss. It’s essential to take action to preserve the hair you have left and boost new growth.

Hair loss shouldn’t cause you embarrassment or limit you in any way. Hair loss restoration is a safe and easy way to look young again and boost your self-esteem.

Keep reading for six things you need to know about hair loss restoration. 

Hair Loss is Common

Before we get into the details of hair loss restoration, we wanted to take a moment to provide a little background on hair loss itself — or alopecia as it’s technically called.

Hair loss affects both men and women, though it tends to affect men more often. Our hair goes through a natural process in which it grows, rests, sheds, and then is replaced by new hair.

When you experience hair loss, new hairs aren’t growing back to replace the old ones. This results in thinning hair and bald patches.

Hair loss is not merely a cosmetic problem. It’s a medical problem that can lead to significant psychological symptoms like depression and low-self esteem.

It’s important to realize that hair loss restoration is more than an elective cosmetic procedure. It can give you your life and your confidence back.

If you suffer from male or female pattern baldness (androgenetic alopecia), you are not alone, and it’s not your fault. Fifty percent of men and 40 percent of women are affected by hair loss

Hair Loss Restoration is Achieved Using a Process Called PRP

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is an effective and low-risk way to combat hair loss in both men and women.

PRP uses a high concentration (around 2-3x) of the platelets of your blood in a small amount of plasma. Your doctor will obtain this by removing the red and white blood cells from your blood and injecting the concentrated serum into your scalp.

The PRP process can be used for other procedures like microneedling and post-fractora, as well. What’s excellent about PRP is that it’s completely natural and has no synthetic additives. It’s merely your own blood, so there is no risk of an allergic reaction. 

PRP is an Easy Process

Your procedure should take about 30-45 minutes. The first 5-10 minutes will involve drawing your blood. Then, your doctor will spin out the unnecessary cells from your blood for about 10 minutes.

The final 10-15 minutes will be used for your injections. The injections are done quickly, and you probably won’t need numbing medication.

To start, you’ll likely need three treatments. These will be spaced so that they are four weeks apart.

After your initial visits, you will need maintenance injections every 6-8 weeks or every quarter, depending on your individual needs.

Recovery Time is Short

While your recovery time may vary, you should be fully recovered within a few days.

You can resume normal activities right away without worrying about having any downtime.

You may experience some mild tension or pressure at the injection site or a slight headache. These should subside quickly.

You can continue mild exercise right away but should refrain from anything too strenuous or inversions. 

PRP is Effective

Androgenetic alopecia is often caused by a combination of environmental, nutritional, hormonal, and genetic factors.

PRP is very effective at reducing the effects of early to moderate androgenetic alopecia. After treatment, your hair will be thicker, and you’ll experience a decrease in hair loss.

PRP works through a variety of mechanisms. For one, it works to promote survival and enhance the proliferation of your hair follicles. It also increases blood flow to them and helps them receive more nutrients so they can thrive.

Your blood platelets contain a plethora of growth factors that help your body’s tissue repair and rebuild. They also include molecules that help cells migrate and reproduce, cytokines, antimicrobial peptides, and anti-inflammatory molecules. These all work together to promote hair growth and prevent hair loss. 

Using a Comprehensive Approach

While the PRP hair loss restoration procedure is highly effective, hair loss is best remedied utilizing a combination of approaches. There are many things you can do to boost your hair growth in conjunction with your PRP procedures.

For example, it’s important to follow a healthy diet with plenty of nutrients. You can also ask your doctor about supplements designed to promote healthy hair and hair growth.

It’s also crucial that you talk to your doctor about the cause of your hair loss. While many people will experience hair loss with no apparent reason, people with certain treatable conditions like anemia and metabolic disorders can benefit from the treatment of their underlying condition and supplements specifically designed to replenish the substances they are lacking.

You should also pay attention to the way you style your hair and manage your stress. 

Book Your Hair Loss Restoration Consultation Today

Hair loss restoration is possible for men and women of all ages. No matter the cause of your hair loss, restoring your hair to its former glory can be done.

We would love to help you feel confident with your own hair and improve your quality of life. If you’re interested in learning more about PRP hair restoration procedures and how we can help you, contact us today

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