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Megan McCreadie

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Megan is a Licensed Practical Nurse who graduated from Portage College in 2019. She has experience working in Long Term Care and Acute care in both Alberta and British Columbia. Ever since nursing school, Megan has always had a passion for dermatology & aesthetic medicine and knew she wanted to pursue a career in this field.

Megan joined the Ageless Living team in 2021 and works closely with Dr. Dekker assisting in medical procedures such as excisions and biopsies. She is also the main provider of our Therapeutic Botox treatments as well as non-surgical mole removals. Additionally, Megan works alongside our cosmetic nurse injectors, performing both cosmetic Botox and filler treatments.

Cosmetic Injections Aftercare? What’s That?

By Megan McCreadie / November 10, 2021 / Comments Off on Cosmetic Injections Aftercare? What’s That?

After care is sometimes considered an after thought when we have a million things going on all day everyday. But one of the best ways to get your best results and avoid undesired effects after any fillers or Botox is by following your aftercare instructions. Botox is used by many people around the world to…

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Surgical Mole Removal….. A Thing of the Past

By Megan McCreadie / October 5, 2021 / Comments Off on Surgical Mole Removal….. A Thing of the Past

Dealing with unsightly and irritating moles on your body? Are you resisting the urge to just rip it off or cut it out and be done with it? Many patients come into the clinic at Ageless Living looking for an option, any option, to remove these raised and pigmented lesions. Most people do not know…

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