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Surgical Mole Removal….. A Thing of the Past

Dealing with unsightly and irritating moles on your body? Are you resisting the urge to just rip it off or cut it out and be done with it?

Many patients come into the clinic at Ageless Living looking for an option, any option, to remove these raised and pigmented lesions. Most people do not know that there is a relatively painless, scar-free way of mole removal. And that option is Radio-frequency.

When I first heard the term radio-frequency I thought about the military using walkie-talkies or perhaps the Titanic sending out an S.O.S. using Morse code.

Radio-frequency is actually something that we use on a daily basis. An example would be our microwave.

Now our microwave does not use gamma or X-rays so it does not give off radiation. Our microwave works by using high microwave Radio-frequency levels to heat our food. Our food is absorbing these microwaves and causing the water molecules in your food to vibrate and produce heat. (2022, American Cancer Society).

What does this have to do with this annoying mole sitting on my chin? Well, with the unbelievably remarkable technology used in our Lamprobe Machine, we are able to harness this Radio-frequency and put it to use.

The Lamprobe machine has a small galvanized metal probe attached to the end of a pen that the Nurse or Doctor then uses to touch the mole. The Radio-frequency waves then vaporize the moisture inside. When the moisture is heated up and removed from the mole, it then dies and shrivels up.

Over the course of 5-7 days the leftover remains of the mole will scab and slough off. Full healing time is dependent on each individual person, but normally the nurse or doctor will follow up with the patient in 4 weeks to see the TRUE completed healing process. There is literally no downtime to this procedure! You are in and out of the Clinic in 15 minutes or less!

Before any Radio-frequency treatment, it is necessary for a physician to diagnose your lesion and confirm it is a non-suspicious one. If there are any concerns with the look of your lesion the physician will then take a small biopsy and send it away to be analyzed (2019, Mayo Clinic).

If your physician gives you the go-ahead with mole removal then we can book you in and get started! Mole removal can be very affordable. It is normally deemed a cosmetic procedure and may or may not be covered under your insurance.

The Lamprobe can also rid you of many other lesions. Some examples include skin tags, fibromas, calcium deposits, sebaceous hyperplasias as well as seborrheic keratoses also known as “old man warts”.

RF treatment is highly advised over cryotherapy or excision for benign (non-cancerous) moles or lesions (2020, Healthline Media).

The scarring that is often created by these two treatments may end up outweighing the benefit of the removal. This could leave you looking for scar creams and treatments to minimize another problem.

Because we are using such a small level of frequency there may at times be the need for another treatment. We do not want to “overcook” your mole and cause a small indent. The satisfaction and safety of each patient are our priority!

Our team has the expertise and expertise to satisfy your skincare needs.

Ageless Living – Your Best Self, at Any Age.

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Megan McCreadie

Megan is a Licensed Practical Nurse who graduated from Portage College in 2019. She has experience working in Long Term Care and Acute care in both Alberta and British Columbia. Ever since nursing school, Megan has always had a passion for dermatology & aesthetic medicine and knew she wanted to pursue a career in this field. Megan joined the Ageless Living team in 2021 and works closely with Dr. Dekker assisting in medical procedures such as excisions and biopsies. She is also the main provider of our Therapeutic Botox treatments as well as non-surgical mole removals. Additionally, Megan works alongside our cosmetic nurse injectors, performing both cosmetic Botox and filler treatments.