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Laser Hair Removal for Summer

Laser Hair Removal – Hair Free & Hassle Free by Summer

With summer soon approaching, there is nothing better than enjoying the nice weather without the hassle of tedious shaving and painful waxing! Laser hair removal has been proven to give results that will have you wanting to show off your favourite beachwear hair-free! To ensure your laser hair removal treatments are successful, it is important to understand how lasers work and how to prepare for treatment to get the best results possible.

At Ageless Living, we offer the amazing Soprano Ice™ laser machine by InMode, which has been deemed the gold standard for hair removal by professionals. Laser hair removal uses radio wavelength technology to target the hair follicle, essentially stopping it from regrowing. This technology is completely safe on all skin types, and virtually pain free! Once the hair follicle has been treated, it is expected for that hair to fall out over the course of the weeks following – and not grow back!

How Many Laser Hair Removal Treatments Do I Need?

It is important to understand that one treatment of laser hair removal will not remove all the hairs. Biology tells us that our bodies work in a cyclical manner based on our hormones. Naturally, our bodies continue to produce hair growth in cycles. In order to achieve optimal results and effective hair removal, we want to treat the desired areas based on our bodies’ natural hair growth cycles. For hair on the face, we want to treat these areas every 4-6 weeks, while hair to the rest of the body should be treated every 6-8 weeks apart.

How often should you get laser hair removal

With each hair growth cycle, effective treatments should result in fewer hairs growing back after each laser treatment. Depending on the individual, typically 6 treatments should give the desired outcome of being nearly completely hair free! Laser hair removal is permanent to those treated hair follicles, but like biology indicates, hormone fluctuations may cause new hair growth cycles. We recommend a maintenance treatment 6-12 months after your final treatment to continue with desired results.

Preparing for Your Laser Hair Removal Treatment

When preparing for laser hair removal treatments, it is so important to prep the skin. We recommend exfoliating the area 24-48 hrs prior to treatment, and most importantly, shave the area clean. The way laser technology works is by targeting the pigment of the hair follicle. If the area is not properly shaven, the laser may target longer hairs and stop there without penetrating deep enough to reach the follicle, resulting in an ineffective treatment.

Much worse, the laser could burn long hairs which is damaging to the skin. Refrain from any type of waxing or plucking of the hairs as this removes the hair follicle and gives the laser nothing to treat, resulting in a completely ineffective treatment.

Is Laser Hair Removal Painful?

Many people wonder if laser hair removal is painful. While certain types of lasers do present pain and a hot snap-like sensation, our Soprano Ice™ offers very minimal discomfort. It is typical to feel warmth and a mild pinprick-like sensation as the laser quickly passes over the area, but there should never be pain.

Soprano Ice achieves it’s name by administering immediate cooling before and after each pass, ensuring the skin does not get too hot. Our fantastic team of laser technicians provide constant communication so that you remain comfortable throughout the entirety of your treatment.

Laser Hair Removal After Care

Following treatment, it can be expected to experience mild to moderate swelling of the hair follicles, which indicates success! Not everyone experiences swelling, but those who do can expect this to subside within an hour or two. We recommend lots of exfoliating for the week following treatment to promote the removal of treated hair follicles.

How Much Does Hair Removal Cost?

Cost for laser hair removal depends on which area of the body is being treated. Typical costs per treatment range from $100 for a small area such as upper lip or chin, to $400 for large areas such as full legs.

We at Ageless Living are committed to providing quality treatments and truly want our clients to be happy with results, which is why we strongly encourage our clients continue with treatment for the full recommended 6 treatments. In efforts to achieve customer satisfaction, we are happy to offer our clients a complimentary 6th treatment to any area treated! In addition to a free 6th treatment, we also offer additional savings when treating 3 or more areas at once.

For more information on how you can get started with your journey on becoming hair-free, contact our team today!

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