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Summer Skincare- Great Skin is an All-Seasons Commitment!

Summer sunsets, beach days, the smell of freshly cut grass… it’s the most looked-forward to part of the year. As we transition into sunnier days, we must not forget to transition our skincare as well! With more time spent outside in the sun’s rays, it’s time to up our SPF game and make sure we are protected and hydrated this summer.

Let’s talk about sunscreen.

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It’s not just as simple as slathering yourself with fruity scented spray screen from a bottle. Do you know WHAT is inside your sunscreen? Chemicals such as oxybenzone, homosalate, and avobenzone are found in most drugstore sunscreens and these ingredients can wreak havoc on your skin. Over the last decade, many studies on sunscreen have been done and have shown that not only are these chemicals hormone disruptors, but they are allergenic and carcinogenic. So instead of those cheap SPFs, reach for a broad-spectrum mineral sunscreen to keep you safe this year.         

Why is “broad spectrum” so important?

There are UVB and UVA rays. UVB rays make up about 5% of the sun’s rays and are more intense during the summer. UVB rays are the main cause of sunburn and play a big part in the development of skin cancer. UVA rays are present all year long. They can pass through clouds and windows and play a big role in aging, collagen loss, and can reach down to the deeper layers of your skin where most skin cancers start.

Why mineral sunscreens?

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Mineral sunscreens act as a mirror on your skin. When the sun’s rays hit, the rays are deflected and scattered instead of being absorbed into your skin and changed to heat. The main ingredients you should look for when purchasing an SPF are Zinc and Titanium Oxide.

Luckily, we have lots of options for mineral SPFs now rather than just a pasty white mixture. Mineral SPFs can come in luxurious formulas that are moisturizing and even tinted so you get a glowy finish along with all that protection! Reapply every two to three hours while lounging on the beach.

What are some other ways we can amp up our skin this summer?

With all the heat, swimming, and possibly indulging in some sociable beverages, we need to stay hydrated! Choosing a lightweight hydrating serum and moisturizer will be your BFF during this season. You don’t need to go in quite as heavy as the winter months, but make sure you are not neglecting this part of your routine. You may be spending a lot more time squinting in the bright sun, so add an anti-aging eye cream to your regime. We love Alumineye to help keep those crow’s feet away.

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As for in-clinic treatments, skip the peels over the summer and resume in the fall. Instead, opt for a refreshing dermaplaning and moisture treatment, followed by a targeted Hydrojelly mask. We promise your skin will feel baby smooth and plumped up. We would love to recommend a treatment and skin regime to suit your personal needs. Consultations are always free and our educated staff would love to get you started on being summer fresh!

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Alanna Hamel

Alanna graduated in 2015 from Portage College as a Licensed Practical Nurse, after moving here from Nova Scotia. She has worked in acute care, maternity, day surgery, as well as drug & alcohol rehabilitation. Alanna joined the Ageless Living team in 2020 and quickly transitioned into providing therapeutic Botox treatments for conditions such as chronic migraines, hyperhidrosis, and temporomandibular disorders (TMD). She has now become our main cosmetic injector for Botox, filler, and Belkyra treatments while working closely with our senior nurse injector. Alanna has always had a passion for empowering people and boosting their confidence - whether it be through exercise, skincare, or injectable treatments.