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CoolSculpting from the Patient Perspective – Is It Worth the Investment?

As our team First Impressions Coordinator, I’ve had the privilege of facilitating bookings and coordination of the reception concierge experience for all our lovely Coolsculpting patients. I have been part of and many patient experiences with CoolSculpting, hearing regular feedback & common questions about the procedure. I have also had the privilege to partake on a Coolsculpting treatment journey myself.

The most popular question I receive is “What is CoolSculpting?”. In simple terms, Coolsculpting is an effective and safe treatment that targets stubborn fat cells by using advanced cooling technology to essentially freeze away fat! CoolSculpting’s patented technology offers precise and effective fat reduction to the areas our bodies hold on to, despite a healthy diet and exercise. By using the various sized applicators, the treatable area is first prepped then sealed using a vacuum-like suction.

Once a safe seal has been made, the “cycle” of cooling technology begins dropping the temperature to a level where the treated fat cells freeze. These now frozen fat cells become unable to regenerate and are reabsorbed and metabolized out of the body. Research indicates that after just one CoolSculpting treatment, patients see a fat reduction up to 27% in that area.

With technology backed by extensive scientific research and proven results, Coolsculpting also offers an incredible team of educators, support staff and service providers. Our own CoolSculpting technician, Nurse Marissa, has been extensively trained to serve our community and continues to strive to offer the best possible care. Education is a top priority at Ageless Living and Nurse Marissa certainly excels by taking every opportunity to further develop her skill set and offer the best possible CoolSculpting experience.

What is coolsculpting?

In my experience, patients are always thrilled with the entire CoolSculpting journey. Part of this journey includes the VIP service during the treatment itself. At our clinic, we like to offer our CoolSculpting patients the Netflix and “Chill” experience (pun intended). In addition to your service, we provide our clients with a variety of enjoyable snacks and beverages, as well as the opportunity to view your favorite shows with Netflix at your fingertips.

CoolSculpting before and after results truly speak for themselves. One of our own patients shared this CoolSculpting review, “I had consulted a plastic surgeon for liposuction of my “muffin top” area and was concerned about the associated down time. I am beyond pleased I decided to go ahead with CoolSculpting. Not only was there zero down-time, but I am thrilled with my results! There is nothing like being able to wear high- or low-rise jeans with no more worries about that stubborn bulge.” – M.N.

Another common question I receive from clients inquiring about CoolSculpting is “What areas can I treat?”. The answer is: anywhere there is pinchable, pliable fat. However, it is important to understand CoolSculpting is most suitable for the client desiring a more toned, sculpted look, and is not considered a solution for overall weight loss.

CoolSculpting journey

The best candidate to see optimal results are those within 15 lbs of their body’s ideal weight who maintain a healthy lifestyle. Nonetheless, fat reduction is a conversation everyone can relate to and our team is always willing to provide consultations on how to treat your areas of concern.

Treatable areas include abdomen, flanks or “love handles”, back or bra fat, upper arms, thighs and submental region commonly known as the double chin. With the upcoming lifts of mask mandates, who doesn’t want a nice, sculpted chin and jawline?

Consultations are complimentary and the best way to determine a treatment plan. Our team goes in depth to assess your areas of concern and discuss your expectations. Every individual is different and while some may require one cycle per side to the flanks for example, others may require more per treatment.

We recommend two Coolsculpting treatments spaced 1-3 months apart to “Treat to Complete” in order to achieve maximum results. CoolSculpting price is dependent on the number of cycles required. One cycle is priced at $750 with an average of 6 to 8 cycles required to Treat to Complete for an individual area.

Patient satisfaction is important to us and while CoolSculpting may be considered an investment, in comparison to surgical options such a liposuction (averaging about $8000 per region of treatment), CoolSculpting is a fantastic alternative achieving notable results without going under the knife. CoolSculpting offers minimal discomfort with zero downtime, no risk of complication from general anesthetic, and no life-long scars from surgery. Consider what confidence is worth to you.

For me personally, I have had multiple areas treated and have been thrilled with my results. The contour my body has achieved after CoolSculpting my arms and back fat has significantly improved my self-esteem and confidence in tighter clothing and sleeveless tops. As a bride-to-be, I am thankful to have been introduced to CoolSculpting before choosing a wedding dress!

If you are curious how Coolsculpting could benefit you, consultations at our clinic are always free. Our team at Ageless Living is ready to help you become your best self – at any age!

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Sarah Milton

Sarah studied Licensed Practical Nursing in New Brunswick, graduating in 2011. And although Sarah’s career path has guided her away from practising as a nurse, she brings a wealth of knowledge and professionalism to our team with her experience. In the summer of 2019, Sarah was excited to join our team as a Medical Office Assistant. Sarah is very knowledgeable and passionate about all things Ageless Living. With a love for dermatology, wellness services, and aesthetic medicine, Sarah finds herself right at home doing what she loves each day. While also serving as our team's First Impressions Coordinator, Sarah is among the first to greet patients and elevate their experience. Whether it be by offering a one-on-one tour of our office or by answering questions and facilitating a treatment journey through our social media platforms - she does it all!