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Dermaplaning – A Happy Skin Resurfacing Treatment

Dermaplaning is performed on the face and is a safe alternative to chemical exfoliation treatments such as chemical peels (which are also safe and effective treatments). It is very safe to have performed all year long, even during our short summer months. It removes the outermost layers of dead skin cells, leaving the skin immediately smooth and vibrant. Yes, even that pesky peach fuzz on our outer cheeks.  

Dermaplaning can be performed every 3-4 weeks. This treatment removes approximately 2-3 weeks’ worth of skin cells. We want the skin to complete its normal skin cycle of approximately 30 days to fully replenish what we have removed. It is not recommended to treat the skin more often than that.  

So, what is Dermaplaning?  

Dermaplaning is a form of mechanical exfoliation, this process involves using a #10 surgical scalpel to effectively remove the stratum corneum. The blade is held at the skin at a 45-degree angle and stroked along the skin, much like shaving.  

The aesthetician holds the skin taught while doing the dermaplaning to avoid nicks. This procedure can be performed alone or combined with other treatments such as gentle blended chemical peels, prior to IPL laser treatments or facials.  

Dermaplaning Hair Regrowth Myth Debunked! 

Dermaplaning also effectively removes fine vellus hair that can trap dirt and oil. People will often ask: “If you are “shaving” the face, won’t the hair grow back thicker?”. For dermaplaning this is not the case.  

There are two types of hair that grows on our bodies: vellus hair, also known as “peach fuzz” that is mostly found on the face, and terminal hair, thicker hair that grows on eyebrows, upper lip, under the arms, pubic area and legs, etc.  

Vellus hair, when cut or removed will grow back the same way. The structure of the hair does not become damaged. Making it impossible to alter.  

Terminal hair is naturally coarse, when terminal hair is cut, it grows back the same. The tip of the terminal hair has been cut blunt, making the already coarse hair feel thicker.  

The Benefits of Dermaplaning: 

  • Promotes increased cellular turnover. 
  • Increased collagen synthesis, improved elastin fiber quality, and an increase in water binding glycosaminoglycans (GAGs). 
  • Less hyper keratinization, pigmentation irregularities, large pores, wrinkles and fine lines.  
  • Removal of the skin barrier that can result in better product absorption.  
  • Great treatment for all skin types and colours. Grades I and II acne, superficial acne scarring, benign keratosis, benign lentigines, dryness, comedones and rosacea.  

Preparing for your Dermaplaning treatment: 

  • If you are prone to cold sores, take an antiviral medication 2 days prior to treatment and continue for 5 days after treatment.  
  • Avoid applying any irritants to your face such as any products containing hydroquinone, retinol, benzoyl peroxide, glycolic/salicylic acid 24-48 hours before your treatment.  
  • No waxing, or other hair removal products or methods within 7 days before your treatment.  
  • Use sunscreen with at least an SPF 30 daily. Sunburned skin cannot be treated.  
  • No Botox or Filler injections within 14 days before treatment.  

🚫The No Go’s for Dermaplaning: 

  • Bruised Skin 
  • Those undergoing cancer treatments 
  • Epilepsy 
  • Non-controlled Diabetes  
  • Hemophilia  
  • Herpes Simplex 
  • Erythema  
  • Sunburned Skin 
  • Lupus presenting a rash 
  • Warts 
  • Psoriasis in treatment area 
  • Seborrhea 
  • Eczema in treatment area  
  • Accutane therapy 
  • Coumadin/Blood thinners  
  • Retin-A (stop 48 hours before Dermaplaning)  
  • Dermatitis 
  •  Recent Botox or Dermal Fillers (must wait 2 weeks after injections to get treatment) 

*The above are only relevant if affecting the area to be dermaplaned 

After Care instructions for a Dermaplaning treatment:  

  • Avoid sun for 3 days. You must protect your skin with sunscreen with a SPF 30 or higher.  
  • Avoid excessive heat, heavy workouts, steam rooms or saunas, and chlorine for 24 hours.   
  • No facial waxing for 7 days 
  • Apply cold compresses, hydration masks and moisturizer to help with the short lived “wind-burned”, or dry skin/mild peeling that may occur for a few hours to a few days.  
  • You may resume your active skin care/prescription products 7 days after your treatment.  
  • Mineral Makeup recommended for the first 24 hours after treatment.  

⚠️ The Risks of doing Dermaplaning at home: 

  • Infection. 
  • Irritation.  
  • Redness or Discoloration. 
  • Isn’t recommended for Acne grades III-IV, and inflamed rosacea.  

Not a good look my queens! 👸🏻 

As always, you’re welcome to take advantage of a free consultation to determine the best course of action for your needs to achieve optimal skin rejuvenation results.  

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Charlene Brown

Charlene graduated in 2000 from MC College, Edmonton, as an Aesthetician. In 2012 she graduated with honors from the well-acclaimed European Institute of Esthetics, as a Medical Aesthetician. Subsequently, Charlene has also returned to the European Institute of Esthetics and obtained her Certified Clinical Laser Technician designation, as well as specialized certifications in microneedling and dermaplaning treatments. Charlene joined the Ageless Living team in 2012 and has been an integral part of our team from the beginning. She has extensive knowledge and experience with regard to creating customized treatment plans. Charlene persists with continuing education to bring you the latest in medical aesthetics and best practice protocols.